These Self-Proclaimed Influencers were Shamed for Trying to Score Free Things Online

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It’s becoming increasingly clear that influencer culture has grown toxic and out of control. Nowadays, it seems that anyone with Facetune and the right filters can amass a following big enough to feel like they’re eligible to free things. While there are many business owners who find genuine benefits from working with influencers, plenty of others are making a stand against these self-proclaimed internet celebs.

Business is business, and owners cannot risk their brand by giving away their products or services to every entitled influencer who brazenly demands freebies. As the requests keep piling up, these hard-working business owners can only say “no” so many times before they feel the need to make their stance public. When this happens, it’s usually an embarrassing event for the influencer whose demands were too bratty to be ignored. From snappy comebacks to hilarious signs, read on to see how these social media influencers were publicly shamed for their entitled attitudes.