Inspiring Cops Helping Out

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Paying Up

His child was tugging at his jacket, but he couldn't really pay attention to him. "Dad!" he yelled. But his father couldn't look away then. He wanted to keep his eyes on the cashier as they scanned through all the items.

The beeping kept increasing, and with each sound, he could feel his heart skipping a beat. Finally, the cashier was done, and there it was, the total flashing across the screen. His heart felt heavy.

He could hear some heavy footsteps heading his way and that's when he saw a policeman heading towards him.


Officer Mike Kelly had been through his fair share of hardships in life. His father wanted him to take over the family business, but he didn't really see himself working at the hardware store.

He didn't know what career path to follow, but he finally figured it out during a summer break. He'd been working with his father for a while when it finally dawned on him.

He absolutely hated working retail! But he never expected his career to make such a twist.