Favorite Female Icons Of All Times

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Our most loved female performers may be a little older, but they are still beautiful, graceful, and many times still entertaining us today, decades after they first caught our eye.  These women have grown into their roles of Hollywood Icons and are highly respected in the industry and beyond.

Ready to see what they are up to?  Let’s go!

Katey Sagal

Who didn’t love Peggy Bundy on the series Married…With Children?”  Katey Sagal’s most loved role wasn’t her only one, though, and she continues acting in person and in voiceovers.

Futurama owes the voice of Leela to Katey, and she stars in 8 Simple Rules.  She was known for her role on the critically acclaimed Sons of Anarchy from 2008 through 2014; the show was a family affair, as it was created by her hubby Kirt Setter.

Goldie Hawn

The Good Morning, World alumni made being a dizzy blonde an onscreen artform, and she has had a remarkably long and successful career portraying it.

Cactus Flower and There’s a Girl in my Soup were just a few of her comedic offerings throughout the 60’s and 70’s.  The 80’s would find her career even more successful as she starred in many box office hits, like the Academy Award winning Private Benjamin. 

Goldie’s marriage has had a successful run as well; she has been married to Kurt Russel, fellow actor, since 1983.

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