Is Avengers: Infinity War All CGI? Take A Look

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In the modern world of cinema, we’re able to produce things that simply would have seemed impossible. For example, you take a look at old-school movies like Clash of the Titans, and it’s barely believable that a director thought it looked anything other than amateur. Compare it with the more modern remake, and it’s safe to say that special effects can make up for a lack of just about anything on-set.

Well, one thing we can say for sure with the Avengers movie series has been that special effects play a critical role in making it look passable. Some recent shots came out from the Avengers movie sets recently, showing you the reality of how parts are shot. For example, the amazing scenes set on Wakanda don’t take place on anything other than a green screen.

While everyone knows that, it’s interesting to see the actual before/after shots that details just how much these kind of movies rely upon CGI to succeed. Many scenes in Infinity War – and others – are mostly built with the Green Screen. According to expert Oliver Schulz, who worked on the movie: “I was still wrapping on their other production Black Panther when I began on this show. Having worked on several Marvel shows prior, it gave a sense coming onto this one that I was seeing old friends again,”

For example, on the trip to Nidavellir, Thor, Rocket Raccoon and Groot all find themselves on a space station that is put together by Method Studios. According to Greg Steele, the VFX Supervisor: “The challenges revolved around building an environment that could be easily animated or posed per shot, having enough detail that we could be a foot from the ring surface and also pull out and across long distances and still retain the sense of scale and detail necessary, and in the end be efficient enough to render in many shots,”

Dust in the wind

Arguably the hardest part for shooting probably came from when the heroes all begin to turn to dust. While they are all quite hard to watch and see, the quality of the work that is put in Weta Digital to make it come to life, according to VFX Supervisor Matt Aiken, was quite exceptional, saying: “We had to make sure that it worked really, really well, because it was so drawn out, and so it had to withhold very high levels of scrutiny because we were holding right on Spidey’s face over Tony’s shoulder, through that.”

It just goes to show the immense amount of attention to detail and effort that is needed to pull off these kinds of shots. It takes precision and effort, but it also goes to show that for all the quality of the acting, writing and directing on films like this, it comes down to how good the art team are.

If you can make some of the scenes in this movie look as good as they do, then it’s safe to say that the art team make the move what it truly us. From making the big bad in Thanos look good to ensuring that Wakanda shows off its resplendent best, the work needed to make it all come together is a feat of tremendous detail in itself.

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