Japan Now Has A 60-Foot Robot And It's Already Walking!

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Yes, believe it or not, this is a 60-foot robot taking its first step! It was designed after the popular Gundam robot in the series and manga. It is without doubt, the largest robot ever created and is a stunning image to behold.

This huge robot is still under construction in Gundam Factors Yokohama, Japan. In a video, it is seen lifting and lowering its legs preparing for its debut in October 2020, even though there have been delays due to the pandemic.

There are people on cranes circling the robot, tweaking the moving parts in order to complete mechanical testing. Actually, this is a preliminary test with absolutely no weight placed on the legs. It seems to be on its way to becoming completely independent in walking.

Since January, Gundam Factory Yokohama has been working on the robot with the goal of providing an exhibit of this 60-foot, 25-ton robot. According to Popular Mechanic, the robot will have integrated fingers with 25 degrees of freedom, and able to support its massive weight which will add to Japan’s impressive robotic record!

The robot is currently located just outside of Tokyo in the Port of Yokohama where it will remain for a year. It’s considered a technical wonder and everyone is super excited to see it in full operation. Everyone is in expectation to finally get a fully movable robot in action. State Tune and find out what this robot can do!

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