Kurt Cobain Hair Sells for Over $14,000 In Auction

Kurt Cobain hair sells for over $14,000 in auction

As one of the most celebrated musicians of the 1980s and 1990s, Kurt Cobain was a hugely entertaining figure. However, despite his well-earned legend prior to untimely suicide, Cobain memorabilia can sometimes take on rather horrifying properties. Indeed, a recent auction seen a set of six strands of Cobain’s hair sell for $14,145 at a recent auction. The auction also sold a whole range of memorabilia – though, we understand, no other hair – from other major rock and roll stars from the era and beyond.

The hair apparently comes from a friend of Cobain, Tessa Osbourne, who cut his hair in 1989 whilst he was on the Bleach tour. The hair was apparently cut in Birmingham, England, and the hair was securely kept in a bag for a long, long time. It was eventually given to Nicole DePolo after Cobain died, and the artist passed it on to Jon Reznikoff who…owns the Guinness World Book of Records record for the largest collection of historical hair.


The hair was preserved under a plastic file and was sold on by Iconic Auctions. Indeed, the hairs seem to measure differently, with the longest strand being around 2.5” in size.

There are some photos of Osbourne in the company of Cobain, though, so at least it seems genuine. However, why anyone would want to own someone else’s hair is something that might take some explaining. Whatever the case, it’s crazy to think that a few strands of hair from a legendary rocker can amount to five figures in value.