Live in Detroit? Come Try Out the Local Cuisine with Chef Doris

Detroit is, without a doubt, one of the homes of classic American cuisine and food. It is a great place to eat, but it can be tough to find the best soul and street food. One of the main benefits of Detroit though is that it is a place where people cook up a storm no matter what tools they have. That is why the impressive feats of Chef Doris, running a soul food café from her front lawn, is no surprise.

Photo: Liz Weddon/Unsplash

Head on down to Plymouth and Steele Avenue and you can find The Food Stand. Standing out for its gorgeous pink color, Chef Doris makes awesome ‘soul food’ from here that is reminiscent of the classic local cuisine. The name of this awesome little shack is The Sharpest Eatery, and it provides awesome meals for just $5.

The little shack is run by Doris Sharpe-Fraiser, who is known by many as Miss Doris or Chef Doris. The pick-up food stand has become very popular, with local media bringing it to a nationwide audience. Doris has even found herself front-page news with the likes of the Detroit Free Press!

With her children and grandchildren helping to run the business with her, this little shack has gone from being an interesting oddity to one of the most popular pick-up food joints in the area. 

Photo: Shree Iyer/Unsplash

A quality meal for just $5

You can get a full and enjoyable meal for this tiny price, and the fact the lines are often queued around the block is a testament to how good – and authentic – this food is. The menu is adjusted each day and is determined by what was picked up from the grocery store.

This means that you can get everything from mac and cheese to meat-specific dishes. You get lots of options to choose from, and the shack itself is open four days per week. Most days, it sells out thanks to the large number of locals who come here for their daily lunch fix.

So, if you are in the area, why not pop around and see what you are missing out on?