Meghan Markle Accused of Copying Vogue Cover From 2016 Book

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Meghan Markle’s opportunity to guest-edit the September issue of Vogue U.K. has not quite gone the direction she probably hoped for. It didn’t take long after its release for fans to begin pointing out the striking similarities between the magazine’s cover and The Game Changers, a bestselling book by Australian authors Samantha Brett and Steph Adams.

According to the pair, while the resemblance between the cover of their book, which Meghan contributed to, and the cover of this magazine is “flattering,” it is also “disappointing.”

"It's obviously very flattering, she must like our concept! I love Meghan and am a huge fan, but it is a little bit disappointing,” said Brett. The cover features different women who are thought to be “Forces for Change” in separate boxes.

“But any project that aims to support the empowerment of women, I am a great supporter of," she continued. "Our book was for charity — so hopefully they too are giving the proceeds to a worthy cause."

Whether or not the entire cover idea was Meghan’s idea is still unclear, but the idea to have a mirror as one of the images to inspire readers to be their own forces for change was her idea, says the Daily Mail. Meghan was also one of the 40 women to contribute to The Game Changers, Brett told Fox News.

In just a few weeks, the book was sold out, so in 2017, it was re-released with more women and a pink cover. Since then, it has become a bestseller.

"Someone We All Want To Look Up To"

Adams, a four-time author who published her first book three years ago, agreed with Brett in her hopes for the earnings to be contributed toward a worthy cause, but she also added that she could visualize Meghan having just as much success as they if she took on an endeavor like The Game Changers.


"The Duchess of Sussex is someone we all want to look up to, admire and respect,” said Adams. “We love that she has ideas for change that are positive and that she is addressing issues such as diversity and kindness. But wouldn't it have been more powerful if she just created a book and interviewed women and gave the money to charity?"

On Australia’s “Sunrise” Tuesday morning, Brett said she initially “didn’t think anything of it.”

“And then someone sent me the press release and the wording was very similar,” Brett added. “She said ‘trailblazing change-makers who are fearless women,’ and on the back of my book, it says ‘trailblazers, game-changing, fearless women.’ And so I thought ‘wow, this is very similar.’”

It wasn’t until her phone was ringing off the hook that Brett realized how big of a deal the cover was.

“Suddenly, I had the world’s media calling me. And it made me realize she is extremely scrutinized,” said Brett. “This is such a small thing, it’s a small book in Aussie,” she joked. Of course, Brett was being just a bit humble about the success of her book.

Since The Game Changer, Brett and Adams have also released The Juggle in April 2019 which is about high-profile mothers who have successful careers in addition to a family.