The Quirky Story of Mia Khalifa


Mia Khalifa may have notoriety for her countercultural career, but that's old news! Mia is now in her mid-twenties, engaged, and more active than ever on social media. She has a lot to say about the drama, the gossip, and the image she ended up with — for good and for bad!

Ain't No Hollaback Girl

Everyone has a story, and this famous face is no exception. According to Mia: ''Everyone deserves a second chance if they want it.” Fans might be open to it, actually! What is the former camgirl doing nowadays?

Truthfully, little is known about this social media star. And honest questions deserve honest answers! How was her childhood as an immigrant from east to west? What was her secret college major, and her real passion, all along? The girl behind the controversy is now an activist, too — what's her mission?

Next, get to know the authentic Mia Khalifa in 2020 — reformed and real, these days!