Michelle Rodriguez Confirms And Talks About 'Fast 9' Which Is Heading To Outer Space

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Michelle Rodriguez announced on The Jess Cogle Show a little information no one was supposed to know. The Fast And Furious 9 will finally make its mark by sending the Fast and Furious franchise into outer space.

Talk shows are great because no one can keep a secret – lol!

The rumors spiraling around Fast And Furious 9 seem to have a lot of credibility to them! Due to chatter, it’s pretty much confirmed that before you know it, the franchise’s newest installment will be hitting theaters very shortly in 2021, April to be exact.

Rodriguez laughed when hosts Jess Cogle and Julia Cunningham asked her about the rumors that Fast 9 would be heading to outer space. She responded That when a movie has not come out. Forget It. Things get out.”

Rumors really took off when Ludacris was a guest on The Jess Cogle Show a few months back. He hinted that a trip into outer space could be in the next Fast In Space film. He added he was not going to give it way.

Michelle Rodriguez Playing with Vin Dizel on Fast and Furious 6 | Universal

Rodriguez said her character, Letty Ortiz, was not one of the characters sent into space but she was pleased with the addition of a female writer on the film who worked on finding a little more attention for the girls in the film. To date, Daniel Casey of Midsomer Murders fame, is the only credited writer on the film.

Everyone stay up on the rumor mill because there seem to be a lot of facts in the mix. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe your ear to the ground! The next sequel of the franchise Fast was scheduled for release and opening in theaters on April 2, 2021 but was recently delayed to Memorial day of the same year. 

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