Morticians and Autopsy Doctors Reveal Unusual and Bizarre Cases They’ve Worked On

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Have you ever met somebody whose big dream is to become a mortician or an autopsy doctor? Needless to say, neither of these roles is anything like a normal day job. Reality check: working on a lifeless body can take a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. On a psychological note, morticians must be mentally tough to be able to perform their job. Not only are they dealing with dead bodies, but they also come face to face with some of the strangest scenarios a person could encounter at work.

We rounded up 39 creepy stories from morticians and autopsy doctors. From finding a tube of lipstick in a dead woman’s brain to seeing a corpse sitting up, anything grisly can happen in the morgue. We highly suggest having a partner or a friend with you while reading the list. Otherwise, you’ll have to brave your fear alone.