Most Phenomenal Celebrity Photo-bombs Ever

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Life can be boring at times, when all we do is serious things like work and run errands. And having the outlet of acting foolishly can bring in a lot of funny moments to our lives. Pulling harmless pranks on our friends and family can be a lot of fun, and what greater harmless prank is there than the photobomb?

Photobombing is the fine art of inserting oneself into other people’s pictures in an unexpected manner, effectively ruining them – but also making them a lot funnier. You can either jump in front of the camera, or you can hang in the background with a funny facial expression. Either way, it would create a hilarious moment, and picture, for everyone involved.

The concept of photobombing actually date back to the 1800, but they’ve become increasingly popular in the past decade. There’s so much buzz around photobombs, especially when they’re performed by celebrities. We absolutely love it when famous people photobomb others, because it gives us a glimpse into their more playful nature.

And whether they do it to their fellow celebrities, or they surprise fans who don’t even know a celebrity is behind them, it can be incredibly amusing. These celebrity photobombs are so hilarious, we can’t even decide which one is the winner – but you can be the judge of that. Keep reading to see the most epic celebrity photobombs ever taken.