Movie-Inspired Rides That Have Been Shut Down

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We are going to miss these theme park rides. For many years, they have been the most exciting features in the parks. Having a nice ride in the theme parks for your favorite movies is like acting a role in the movies. There was such huge patronage for these parks, so it is surprising that the owners decided to shut them down. So here are the theme parks we discovered have been closed permanently. So sad…

Ghostbusters Spooktacular

We all loved the movie, and it was a thrill to have an adventure at the Spooktacular Show where the ‘ghoulish’ creatures threatened to topple your ride. The theme ride represented the Sci-Fi movie with popular characters such as the Marshmallow man popping out to scare the visitors. Over the years some modifications were done to include the character played by Ricky Moranis. However, the show has been shut down, leaving behind only the memories of the good times.

Twister... Ride It Out!

You must remember the movie Twister, it was one of the best movies of 1996. We expected some sequels to add new twists to the story, but nothing was produced in the years that followed. The show developed with this theme was spectacular. The visitors were made to experience astonishing effects of a tornado while standing on a platform; it was so real. Unfortunately, this park was shut down in 2015. Now you can find the Jimmy Fallon ride in its place, it is good, but we miss the ‘Ride it Out’ experience.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarine Voyage

In 1954, the 20,000 Leagues ‘Under The Sea’ movie was the inspiration behind the Starboard Ride which featured a high-resolution viewing. It was opened in 1994, and the visitors were thrilled. The ride took the guests through the adventures of Captain Nemo and his band of tourists as they journeyed under the sea for 23 years. Such an adventure but not to be experienced again.


King Kong was an awesome hit in the theatres. The Universal Studios had to recreate an amazing adventure at the Florida Island of Adventure. Visitors could have a first-hand experience of the Skull Island. The show was called- The Reign of Kong. It was a spectacular ride; the Kongfrontation experience featured the King Kong in the 1976 movie. Visitors went on a ride on a tram through the Island to escape the angry Kong. Such a thrilling experience. The show was closed in 2002; now visitors can experience the mummy themed ride based on the movie “The Mummy.”

Drop Zone: Stunt Tower

Paramount pictures joined in on the theme park business by developing their themed ride based on the Wesley Snipes movie the drop zone. The ride was successful with so many tourists queuing up for the experience. The Drop Zone theme ride was set-up to compete with the themed rides developed by Disney and Universal Pictures. However, Paramount pictures shifted its focus away from managing theme rides, and the show was closed.

Star Tours

The Star Tours was based on the Star Wars 1977 movie adaptation. The location of Star Tours was in Florida, Paris, California, and Japan. The ride has now been upgraded to feature the newer Star Wars stimulation with an added attraction where 3PO, R2, and D2 are the hosts. There is also a new robot pilot representing RX 24 also called Rex.


The theme parked styled after Wayne’s World is one of the parks funded by Paramount Pictures. The comedy themed show included the puking and hurling experience the audience saw on the show. However, Wayne’s World part of the show was canceled in 2000 when the parks where sold.

There are 5 more including Back to The Future and more: