Netflix Genres Boring You? Open Them Up Today

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Netflix is, easily, one of the most popular online platforms used today. Millions of users curl up in front of their TV to watch their on-demand shows, when they want. While some of us complain that Netflix has too much choice, some people find it hard to choose. For example, their genre selections are, at best, poor. You can find it hard to really dig into what you wish to watch, which soon becomes an exercise in frustration.

To solve that problem, we recommend that you take a look at this easy to use Netflix genre cracker. This opens up thousands of new genres to look through when searching for movies. If you are sick of the same old genres giving you eyebrow raising returns, you can use this simple solution to open up the floor to some far more interesting movie choices.

Making the most of Netflix

To start off with, thanks to What’s On Netflix for coming across this awesome little trick. You will need to use a variety of specific codes to open up Netflix much more, giving you much more control over what you watch.

For example, if you wanted to find something very particular, you can. Mad genres appear, like “Bellydancing” and even “Campy Chinese Movies” – they have a little hidden sub-category for any kind of movie that you can think of. To make this work, all you need to do is type in the following URL:

All you need to do is swap out XXXX for the genre you wish to browse through, and voila. You can find all of the codes that you need online, making it easy to tap into over 70,000 hidden sub-genres. It’s very interesting, and makes it easy for you to make your Netflix experience a touch more specific.

Many of us spend hours just flicking through Netflix hoping to find something decent. With this, you make more or less certain that you can find something worth watching. However, opening up the floor so much will mean potentially making it even harder to choose. If you struggle to make a choice with the options already on Netflix, make sure you have a rough idea of the genre that you wish to watch.

Decision making falls through the floor when we have too many options, so try and limit in your mind the kind of movie youwish to watch. Then, start your browser search. If you go on with so many new options to pick from, you will likely just make what is already a hard choice even harder than it needs to be!

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