Overly Enthusiast Black Bear Put On a New Diet, Doesn't Like It Much 

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Do you ever think that obesity is something that is exclusive to humans? Then let us introduce you to your new best mate. This is the biggest, fattest bear that we have ever seen in our lives. The bear, known as Dillan, clearly enjoys his food. He was rescued in Colorado by The Wild Animal Sanctuary, and they noticed just how, uh, large he was.

Immediately, they were concerned about his weight and put him on a diet to try and fix the problem. Apparently, he was twice the size that he should be. Now, I know that I could do with losing a couple of stone…but twice the size!? Oh Dillan.

Dillan, though, seems to be having the same issue that most human dieters have. You know how it is. You’ve been gorging on curries, chocolate bars, and baked treats for months now. And that belly is just expanding. But you try and kick the issue when the next thing you try to eat is some plant-based snack that is good for you. But it’s missing all the sugar! The additives! The killer stuff that tastes so spectacular!

Our big bear friend is a fine example of the kind of mood we go in when we have to change our diets. He’s already in the ‘I hate this’ phase, as he’s handed a plate of much greener, leaner things than he is clearly used to tearing through.

Dillan wasn’t too impressive naturally, with the majority of his life so far spent in a roadside zoon in Pennsylvania. He wasn’t able to get around much or exercise really, so he just piled on weight (hey, I know how you feel big guy).

According to the PR director at the sanctuary, Kent Drotar, he was over 100lbs his ideal size. so, they want to feed him fresh fruit, vegetables, and to get him active. As you might imagine, though, Dillan isn’t really enjoying this new lifestyle.

But if it’s going to get him healthy and happy in the long run, he might just need to start doing that now. It’s a tough thing to get right for us, so imagine an animal trying to change its habits. We salute you Dillan – we know how tough it is to drop that belly flab! 

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