32 Hilarious Moments When Payback Was Worth It

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When something disturbing occurs, we have this uncontrolled desire to get back at the individual answerable for it. While many people don’t act on this urge, others can't resist. In spite of the fact that retaliation typically doesn't solve any issues, a hilarious comeback can give us comfort as we disgrace the transgressor. 
While many of us think of little plans and tricks in our minds, realizing we'd never dare to execute them, the people in this list proceeded with their retribution plans. The shocking results will do more than just make you giggle. Indeed, they may give you a few thoughts about what you might do the next time someone crosses you. The list is filled with the most entertaining, weird, witty, and shrewd demonstrations of retaliation, and some of them are so epic they redefine the term payback. Enjoy!