Caught on Camera: People’s Final Moments Before Death

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We all know that we’re mortal, but that is a fact we usually choose to shrug off. The thing is, we never know when our last day will come. All we know is that life is short and uncertain. Tomorrow is never promised. Tragedies can happen anytime or anywhere, but some deaths are much worse than others. Perhaps the strangest modern phenomenon related to death is the fact that a person’s last moments will often be filmed or photographed.

The pictures you’re about to see display the last few hours, and in some cases the last seconds, before the subject died. Some wear smiles on their faces and look normal at first glance, others are doing the same old activities without knowing what lies ahead. A few, however, seem to know what fate has in store for them. The stories behind each image are certainly heart-breaking, especially for their loved ones.