Plant-Based Tuna Is The New Thing In 2022

Finless Foods, a cell-cultured seafood company, intends to release a plant-based tuna in 2022. While this plant alternative can be marinated, the company envisions their tuna being used in recipes that would normally require raw fish, such as sushi or poke bowls.

Photo: Farhad Ibrahimzade/Unsplash

Finless Foods says that their tuna is a great option for those who can't or don't want to eat seafood, for reasons such as allergies and people who think about other health concerns or just want to enjoy a nice dish of seafood without the catch. Unlike salmon, it’s hard to farm tuna at scale. According to the company, the global population of fish has declined by over 60 percent in the last five decades. With all the climate change happening in our seas and oceans, specialists expect that there will be even fewer fish for people who catch sustainability by the end of the century.

Photo: Beth Macdonald/Unsplash

Companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat offer great plant-based alternatives for beef and pork substitutes. Alternatives to fish, however, are a different matter. Not only do they get less attention, but they’re also more difficult to locate. Plant-based tuna and freshwater eel substitutes have been released by Ocean Hugger Foods. These can be found in restaurants such as Blue Sushi Sake Girl and select Whole Foods stores around the United States.