Real-Life Cast Away Conquers 438 Days Lost At Sea

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We all remember when the lovable Tom Hanks made our worst fears came true onscreen for a few hours in Castaway. 

With only a volleyball companion to keep his sanity, Tom was an abandoned man with no hope on a lonely island. A surprising blockbuster hit, we admit. But did you know that a real-life, miracle castaway was recently discovered?

The fascinating disappearance at sea of Jose Salvador Alvarenga shocked the world when he resurfaced after years in the water! A fishing trip turned bad was a nightmare for his family, never knowing if they would see him alive again. Against all odds - Jose survived! 

An ordeal like that must have tested the limits of the human condition in every way — mentally, physically, spiritually. Naturally, everyone needed to know the secret of his survival!

Let's take a look at the stormy tale, shall we?