Remember Baby Shark? Now He Has a Toothbrush

Ah, the internet. The spawn of many major marketing products that go far beyond what anyone would ever have expected. One such oddity was that of Baby Shark. 


This ridiculous video grew to quite ludicrous levels of visibility, with kids draining the energy from parents day-in, day-out by listening to it on repeat. Constantly. Until you wished you had no ears.

Baby Shark and all of its totally needless meme potential now has a toothbrush. The aim is to sell this toothbrush through major retail outlet Target. Affordably priced and aimed at kids, the idea is that this electric toothbrush could be used to help keep the kids' teeth nice and clean. 

Hopefully just not for singing that tune any longer…

Baby Shark has become a major part of the last few years kids entertainment, and he’ll probably end up with a movie. After all, the emojis got a movie, didn’t they? If they can get a movie, then Baby Shark will end up with a trilogy.


The toothbrush, which lights up just like every little kid would ever want, is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a great toothbrush for their kids. My bitterness at having to hear the song aside, this toothbrush is a great learning companion for any little kid.

It comes with things like side change recognition and vibrations to help your kids get used to brushing their teeth in the mornings. It’s always going to be useful for anyone who has a kid who is equally as obsessed with Baby Shark as my nieces and nephews.

Is it annoying? Yes, deeply. Is the fact that a hugely popular character for kids is helping to promote dental cleanliness a good thing? Absolutely. If he’s going to help the next generation keep their teeth in tip-top condition, I can put up with the song a little longer.

It’s a good choice to tap into kids via their popular characters. Hopefully, if he comes up with a second song, it’s a touch less….well…annoying?