San Francisco Medical Staff to Start Wearing Smart Rings

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With the present COVID-19 situation exploding in America, there are very few signs of the problem abating. Indeed, the US Government has gone from being quite blasé about the situation to talking about six figures in deaths as a net positive. The delays in getting things done right mean that the country is now facing a massive battle – arguably the hardest battle in the world against COVID-19. However, smart moves are being taken by medical professionals to protect their own.

The smart ring

It’s been reported that medical workers in San Francisco will be expected to start wearing smart rings. These rings will monitor their temperature, heart rate, and breathing capacity. This will help them to spot the early symptom signs of having the virus so that they can get either tested or start self-isolating to avoid the spread of conditions to other people.

The rings, which are being made by tech giants Oura, could be essential in the battle against the problems people are facing. This is going to help people to stay in total control of their heart rate, their breathing, and their general ability to stay happy and healthy as time goes on.

UCSF building in San Francisco | shutterstock

This is a big part of the battle against COVID-19 and should help to avoid SF medical workers from becoming overloaded with the virus. This is going to be a very important part of the battle, with staff at the UCSF and SG General Hospital deciding to take part. In total, 2000 new rings have been designed that will be used, with the rings worn at night to try and get a proper reading on the staff members.

Admin staff believes this could play a crucial role in helping to catch signs of staff who might have caught the virus. With the spread of COVID-19 by healthcare workers an obvious concern, it’s important to both find staff who are suffering from the illness and to find staff who have already have it and are now immunized from its effect.


This would allow for a better balance and shifting of staff, allowing for the correct amount of time off for a staff member to have a chance to start recovering. For now, then, this offers a glimmer of positivity in what is quite a worrying situation for the majority of people fighting back against COVID-19 today.

So, as medical staff begins to prepare for a challenging experience, it’s little things like this that might help them come through the other side fit and healthy after all. 

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