Seth MacFarlane’s To Make First Dramatic Series Called “The Winds Of War”

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Quite unexpectedly, this is his first project in collaboration with NBC Universal. The Family Guy created a limited series for Universal Context Production based on Herman Wouk’s World Ware II novel “The Winds of War”. Seth MacFarlane is co-writing and is the executive producer of this epic series. The series follows the fictional character Commander Victor “Pug” Henry and his family during World War II.

MacFarlane is excited about beginning work on this series and said he couldn’t imagine anything more exciting than launching this partnership with UCP than with Wouk’s epic drama “The Winds of War”. He went on to say that he has been an avid fan of this epic for decades, depicting a human endurance during the massive global upheaval of WWII which could not possibly be more relevant than it is today. Dawn Olmstead, president of UCP, couldn’t wait to jump on the project as she comes from a Navy family. MacFarlane believes that in collaboration with UCP, this is a perfect match for everyone involved.

For the record, this is not the first time the “Winds of War” has been adapted to the screen. In 1983, ABC offered the 15-hour series receiving critical acclaim. The series was nominated for 11 Emmy Awards and was the most-watched series at the time. It seems that MacFarlane has large shoes to walk in and hopefully will pull it off!

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