Smurfs Defy the Coronavirus - 3500 Cosplayers Join Forces to Break World Record

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Just before the government in France banned gatherings of more than 1,000 people in order to try to slow down the rate of transmission of coronavirus, 3500 Smurf fans came together to break the world record for the most Smurfs in one place. 


This huge gathering saw die-hard comic fans dress up as Smurfs and come together for what is now hailed as the biggest assembly of Smurfs in all time.

Despite the global concerns about the Coronavirus all of the cosplayers had an amazing time. Some made light of the occasion claiming that Smurfs had an inbuilt immunity to Covid-19. 

While I am not convinced that the virus would agree, I also would not dress as a Smurf so my opinion probably isn't relevant here.

Known in France as Les Schtroumpfs, The Smurfs have achieved global fame since they were first created by Peyo, a Belgian comic artist, way back in 1958. Over time they have moved into film, TV and even video games. 

Their latest movie, which hit the screens in 2017, Smurfs: The Lost Village, took a massive $197 million gross at the box office.

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