Strange Celebrity Newsfeed Bug is Affecting Thousands of Users

If your Facebook newsfeed looks weird this morning you are not alone. Facebook is experiencing a problem Wednesday that is showing users random posts from celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Ronaldo, Ryan Reynold, and even US President Joe Biden. There's no word on exactly who and how many people are affected or if it's just on the app or website but it seems to be pretty widespread.

Users are complaining about the problems on Twitter. Among other things, they report seeing endless messages on their timeline that other users have sent to artists or bands. Normally, these messages are not visible.

What exactly is going on is unclear. Presumably, it is a bug (an error in a computer program or a website). The cause of this bug is not yet known.

Facebook parent company Meta let it be known in a comment that it is aware of the problems. "We are currently working hard to solve these problems as quickly as possible and apologize for the inconvenience," says a spokesperson.

Users try to take advantage of the error by sending memes to celebrities. They probably hope that these funny images will be shared often. This causes many users to see only memes on their timelines.