Tech Support Workers Share Bizarre Things They’ve Seen on the Job

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Some careers feel like an incessant cycle, with a dozen new issues emerging in the wake of settling one issue. Technical support is one of those positions. These tireless workers often find themselves managing individuals who don't understand even the most basic things. 

We rounded up fascinating finds discovered by tech support workers who were already reaching the end of their patience for the day.Thankfully, they also shared their bizarre finds online so we can marvel at them and feel a little better about our own tech fails.

Printer Problems

We’re aware that printers aren't the easiest gadgets in the world. Indeed, the moment you need something printed urgently often seems to be the moment they decide to present you with an error. Before you get mad at the device, though, it’s important to determine if you are in fact the source of said error. 

That is by all accounts the case in this image. Individuals attempting to utilize this printer were presumably asking why it wouldn't take the paper from the paper tray. Somehow, they failed to comprehend that the packaging would be in the way.