The Amazing Leveling of a Building That is Non-Intrusive

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Japanese culture is an incredible blend of public respect and politeness. Well, the leveling or razing of a building is just such an example. 


Their technology represents such a culture and a remarkable subtle, respectful process for a structure meeting its demise. 

They are using many steps of conscientious thought that’s behind the entire process is absolutely brilliant to behold.

This courteous approach of razing a building is considered “reverse engineering” in an exacting technology. It’s taking dismantling each part in the same manner as it was originally put together with the same level of care. 

The structure, or building, seems to move downward at each stage during the demolition while being strategically lowered during the entire process. It almost looks like the building is shrinking before your very eyes.

Green Demolition

It’s possible, demolition might be too strong a word. Ecological Reproduction System caps the structure and then disassembles it one piece at a time and level by level in order to keep components and materials intact for future reuse.


Even though the process might not be unique to Japan, the measures they have gone to alleviate the sound and reduce the amount of clutter really stands out.

Also, outside of saving materials for reuse, it’s also shown to be environmentally friendly by reducing the impact of dust, and debris. Therefore, sound, debris, and dust are brought to an all-time new low. 

All the elements are brought down by crane and the power created by the release of potential energy works to generate electricity for the deconstruction process. 

The entire process is incredibly conscientious and thoughtful throughout the entire razing of the building or structure.