The Incredible Hulk! Meet the Puppy Born Sporting a Bright Green Coat!

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When Shana Stamey’s white German Shepherd, Gypsy, went into labor her family knew they would soon be the proud parents of some beautiful pups. However, Shana was in for a surprise when Gypsy delivered one of these puppies complete with a bright lime green coat!


The family called the pup Hulk in honor of his technicolor coat even though they knew that the color would eventually fade.

The family from Clyde, North Carolina, were astounded when they caught sight of one of the 8 puppies and, although Shana knew it wasn’t harmful she still had to double-check to make sure.

The reason for the color is quite simple: each puppy lives in its own individual sac when it is in the uterus. If the puppy passes a stool – known as meconium – it is likely to stain their fur this amazing lime green color.

However, the puppy, named after Marvel's Hulk, is already starting to show his true colors as the staining begins to fade. His mom has been vigilant with her cleaning and as Hulk becomes older he will soon have his first bath, at which time the green will likely be no more.

The pups will be going up for adoption once they are old enough but the family will always have a special place in their hearts for their mini-Hulk!

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