The Life, Loves, and Losses of Prince

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Prince Rogers Nelson was the human embodiment of an enigma. He achieved the legend status as a musical genius, fashion icon and international sex symbol. Prince is not any ordinary pop star and has sold more than 100 million records around the world. He is the recipient of seven Grammy awards, one Golden Globe and one Oscar.

We look at the life and work of this mysterious creature in more detail and discover how his early life trauma shaped him into the icon he is today. We discover how the most popular musician turned into a recluse and passed away at the age of 57.

Prince was born to be a musician. He came into this world on 7th June 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His was father was John Lewis, a songwriter and pianist while his mother was Mattie Della the jazz singer.

The naming of a legend

He was named Prince after his father’s stage name which means he was always meant to be a performer. His father performed in a jazz group known as the Prince Rogers Trio and said he wanted to pass on the name to his son to allow him "to do everything I wanted to do".