The Loudest Rock Concerts Ever Recorded

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When you leave a music concert or a gig, you can often like you have just your ears filled with paper. The ringing noise in your ears sticks around for a long time, as does the necessity to go “WHAT?” to just about anyone you speak to. Even going to see someone quite harmonic and relaxing can leave your ears in a bit of a tiff. So, going to see a major rock band at a big venue is only going to exasperate those scenarios.

However, regardless of how bad your ears have been, you will find that it pales in comparison to what would have happened if you were present at any of the following rock concerts. These are recorded as among the loudest in history.

Sleazy Joe, 2008

Their show that was held over at Hassleholm, and it managed to produce a ridiculous 143.2 decibels of noise. That’s a hell of a lot of noise, and shows you just how far the group were going on this performance.

Touted as the ‘loudest band in the world’, it’s fair to say that Sleazy Joe done a pretty damn good job of making that come true in their ’08 show in Sweden.

AC/DC, 1980

Known for being able to hit the heights on a good night, AC/DC managed an impressive 130 decibels during their Back in Black tour back in the 1980s. Years of hitting the high notes will have had an impact on the band with singer Brian Johnson having to reschedule shows in 2016 or risk the loss of his hearing entirely!

Indeed, back in the day they were told that they were ‘too loud’ by promoters and were asked to turn down the volume a touch: pfft!

The Who, 1976

While we might not really associate The Who with being a ‘loud’ band, they managed to make an impressive 126 decibels of noise during one of their London shows in 1976. They were playing at the Valley Stadium, and managed to make plenty of noise.

It was at one stage the highest performing concert in history, so much so that the Guinness Book of World Records awarded them for their noisiness until it was later broken.

Leftfield, 1996

Among the loudest that we could find, though, comes courtesy of the incredible Leftfield. They done a show over at the Brixton Academy, and managed to hit a stupendous 137 decibels. That’s damn impressive, and has become part of their show experience: loud to the point where they are warned by their promotional teams.

Legal limits mean that breaking these kind of sound levels is very unlikely. However, while it would be nice to go even a bit higher again, the 140-odd decibel level sounds more than loud enough for most gigs!

Whatever kind of rock music you like, you’ll find that some of these concerts are the kind of gig that you would like to spend your night, even if your ears would feel like they have gone through a workout!

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