The Most Popular Snack for Super Bowl is No Longer Chicken Wings!

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Every year, millions of fans tune in to the Super Bowl but there would not be the true sense of the football spirit without tons of munchies to go around. 


So, what is the chosen snack that Americans can’t wait to wrap their mouths around during this legendary event? Online marketing and Google statistics know what the country is planning to consume on Sunday.

According to analysts and the latest results which have examined Google searches for each state across the country as well as the top 20 largest cities, Super Bowl fans seem to be in love with the weiners!!

The idea of upsetting chicken wings really came as quite a shock. Even though it’s believed that well over 1.4 billion people will consume chicken wings, it’s not the Number One choice. 

The most popular search was awarded to the cocktail wiener which showed up in more searches than any other food in eleven states including Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. 

Of course, that still leaves a ton of other states, 39 to be exact.

Dip & Drink

Moving on, Dip is another popular search for the Super Bowl across the country. Americans seem divided about their choices in dips. 


Seven Layer Dip was a leading snack for 7 states but Buffalo Chicken Dip was the leading search, mostly in the Southwest.

In New York, the most popular search for a Super Bowl snack was potato skins and the choice in dips went to the Seven Layer Dip.

Not only are fans eating snacks, but they are also drinking. Approximately 19% have admitted to calling out sick the following Monday to recover from the festivities and probably hangovers. 

There is a popular petition from teens going around requesting the Super Bowl be moved to Saturday night. Then again, teens should try and show a little self-control!