The Top Halloween Songs to Play This Year

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When it comes to enjoying ourselves with the world of spooky Halloween, one of the best mediums we have to do so is with music. The music industry has long been loaded with awesome Halloween-themed music and songs over the years. If you spend some time looking around at popular Halloween music, then you might get in that frightful mood without missing a beat.

So, what are some of the best Halloween songs to look out for this year?


Start off your playlist with the upbeat Stevie Wonder classic. Halloween is all about superstition and folk tales, and what better way to make that shine through than with the help of this awesome track? A must-use for anyone who wants to add that supernatural charm to their playlist without having to go down a screamer-style music playlist.


An obvious one for fans of the movie, if you want to get everyone up dancing and having a good time then the Ghostbusters theme by Ray Parker Jr. is just what you need. It was hot as hell back on release in 1984, and this is still an absolute banger to this day: 100% a must-have with any good Halloween playlist.

Highway to Hell

The AC/DC classic is a definite one to add to your Halloween play-list this year. It was first released in the late 1970s, and was a major hit for them for obvious reasons. A very engaging song with plenty of opportunities for you to rock alongside the Aussie band, this is definitely one to add to the list when you want to go wild this Halloween.


An obvious one, the Michael Jackson classic has to be part of any good Halloween themed music playlist. Get this one on, and you can get the entire crowd up dancing along with it. Everyone over the age of 15 will know the moves, so get everyone dancing along to this awesome Halloween classic – a fine choice for anyone wanting to put together a playlist that really makes the right impression.

Don’t Fear the Reaper

A fine choice of a Halloween song, this tune by the Blue Oyster Cult was a hit since it first appeared in the mid-70s. A classic for many reasons, it’s a good song that you should definitely look to add to the playlist. It might not sound like the scariest song, but a quick listen to the lyrics will quickly confirm that this is more than a mid-tempo classic that sounds good to relax to: it’s got ample fear in those lyrics.

Deal With The Devil

We have a lot of classics in this list so here’s a recent entry to the list -- Pop Evil’s chugging, hard rock single “Deal With the Devil.” Coming from the band’s 2013 set Onyx, it topped Mainstream Rock Songs and peaked at No. 20 in Rock Airplay.

Monster Mash

Get everyone up doing the monster mash with the help of this awesome tune by Bobby Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers. A must-have for any good playlist, it’s got all themes that you need to make a good Halloween tune; it’s slapstick, its catchy and it comes with some rather tremendous dance moves to move along to!

With this in mind, then, you should be able to put together the most spectacular and spooky Halloween music playlist this year!

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