These Are The 3 Best Car Chases In Cinema

Throughout cinema history, there have been endless iconic, ground-breaking, and rubber-burning car chases. We've listed the top three car chases of all time!

Photo: Satyajit Bhowmik/Unsplash


This movie continues to set the bar high for all subsequent car chase films. It is still considered revolutionary that the driver is almost always identifiable as Steve McQueen in almost every shot. The visceral editing of this car chase is widely believed to have been the deciding factor in Frank P. Keller’s 1968 Academy Award win.

The Italian Job

There is a slew of incredible stunts performed in The Italian Job’s climactic chase sequence. A group of robbers drives their Minis down a flight of stairs, through the middle of buildings, and into sewage pipes.

Photo: Alessio Lin/Unsplash

The French Connection

The French Connection follows a hitman trying to escape by fleeing from the street and taking a ride on an elevated train. In the film’s policy consulting group, the climax of this car chase, in which the hitman gets shot in the back while on the subway escalators, was controversial because some felt that shooting a suspect in the back was simply murder.