These Are The 4 Most Viewed Places on the Planet

Go to any city in the world, and someone will tell you that it is the ‘best place on Earth’ or something similar. However, while it is always good to have local pride, many of these claims are misjudged at best. There are, though, some parts of our world that definitely garner more interest in them than other parts. Where, then, are some of the world’s most popularly viewed locations?

The Eiffel Tower

With regards to manmade structures, few modern buildings stand the test of time quite like the Eiffel Tower. With some seven million visitors per year just to see this tower, it is one of the best places to visit for those who love architecture, history, and culture. It is also based in Paris, one of the most interesting cities in the world to visit. A great place to turn to if you want to see some truly remarkable construction work up close.

The Great Pyramid

As one of the most impressive and mysterious landmarks in human history, the Great Pyramid of Egypt is a unique entity. It draws millions of tourists to come and see it, with well over ten million annual visitors just to see this particular building. It is a stunning location, and it is enriched by its historical and cultural connections to Ancient Egypt. Definitely worth your time to come and see this amazing structure up-close and in-person.

The Great Wall

Another feat of human construction, The Great Wall of China stands over 13,000 miles in length. It is a stunning piece of work, and one of the most important structures ever built from an architectural standpoint. Come and see it for yourself and work out why so many people around the world come to visit this special monument. It is a symbol of a different time and era, and a remarkable showcase of human ingenuity.

The Acropolis

Few parts of human history are quite as intriguing as Ancient Greece. The Acropolis might more or less be a ruin today, but it is a gorgeous location to come and visit. It sees millions of visitors per year, and it is seen as one of the best places to come and visit if you are a fan of history and culture – especially politics. As the original ‘home of democracy, Greece holds a special place in the hearts and minds of millions. The Acropolis is simply another arm of this love, highlighting a country that is immensely proud of its past.