These Are The Blood Types Mosquitoes Like Best

Mosquitoes definitely like us more than we like them.

But did you know that they play favorites, preferring some of us more than others?

Photo: Егор Камелев/Unsplash

So What Is It That Mosquitoes Like?

Apparently, blood banks are not the only ones who prefer blood type O, mosquitoes do too. In 2004, the Journal of Medical Entomology published an article on the subject. Researchers counted the number of times mosquitoes landed on someone with Type O blood as opposed to type A. They found that type O had 83.3% more landings.

How Do They Know?

How does a mosquito know what a person’s blood type is? The answer is quite simple. Human skin produces chemicals all the time. Those chemicals are determined by a person’s blood type. While we don’t usually see or feel them, mosquitoes can sense them in the air.

Photo: Theodor Vasile/Unsplash

What Makes You A Tasty Snack?

Blood type is not the only thing that appeals. One thing that makes a difference is what you wear. Mosquitoes are drawn to dark colors and exposed skin. Another thing mosquitoes go nuts over your blood is your metabolism. People with a higher metabolical rate produce more carbon dioxide, which mosquitoes love. Mosquitoes are also big fans of perspiration and are more likely to sting a sweaty person.