These People Found Fame as Memes, But Where Are They Now?!

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Ah, memes. Philosophy in a photo, some say — and for many, an addiction! Certain faces just dominate the web for a period of time, but who really knows their stories? Surely the memeology has some grain of truth!

Viral Bella Donna

First world problems was a piece of internet art that really tickled the crowd, back in early the 2000's. Maybe there was an itch there to scratch! How many times have friends and family complained about the silliest of things, while losing all perspective?

Imgur / NYstatw / SilviaBottini / Twitter

Enter, Silvia Bottini. It's not well recognized, but that sobbing, sorrowful face is actually a working Italian actress. Ungrateful woes were just so much funnier, thanks to this gal! She's never quite addressed her unexpected international stardom, instead focusing on her real job. And her Instagram is always full of smiling pictures, in contrast!

And now, from Bad Luck Brian to Scumbag Steve: Where the heck are they now?