This Is How You Should Store Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a staple spread for most of us. Peanut butter on bread, peanut butter brownies, or just straight out of the jar with a spoon. While some of us store it in the fridge, others might prefer it at room temperature. But we have an extremely useful piece of information about our favorite little treat and how to properly store it!

Photo: Corleto Peanut butter/Unsplash

PureWow shared a tip on how to properly store our peanut butter jars. Ready for it? Turns out the best way to store it is upside down! There is now no more need to jam your spoon in the jar and make a mess out of all of the oil on top or get such a heavy workout in trying to churn the hardened peanut butter at the bottom.

If you are a true peanut butter aficionado, you know that when you buy natural peanut butter there is a pool of oil on the top, you need to carefully stir it all up to get it mixed properly. This churning is annoying but necessary. When you store it upside down, the oil distributes itself evenly through the jar instead of pooling itself at the top.

Photo: Tetiana Bykovets/Unsplash

Another trick to make sure the oil does not pool at the top is to keep it in the refrigerator upside down. Now you will avoid messing with the oil at the top and it results in creamier peanut butter overall. A win-win!