This Is Why We Love Fantasy Stories

Can't get enough of the Harry Potter stories, or a Lord of The Rings marathon? This is one possible explanation.

Photo: Johannes Plenio/Unsplash

Fantasy. You either love it or you don't. Fantasy movies and stories are highly appreciated by a large group of people. 

A good reason why people enjoy diving into a fantasy world from time to time is that you can escape reality for a while. Especially if you are feeling anxious, unhappy, or tense, it can be very nice to slip into a completely different world for a while. In these films, there are often no easy solutions to problems, but there is certainly an unexpected magical way for the story to end well.

You could compare fantasy stories to the effect of Santa Claus. Secretly, many people would like to believe that such a thing could exist. You know it doesn't, but the fantasy around it is magical and it's nice to lose yourself in it for a while.

Photo: Alice Alinari/Unsplash

Emotions & Hope

In many fantasy stories, you follow the lives of the main characters. This includes emotions, challenges, victories, and setbacks. Even in fantasy movies, the main characters run into problems and have to deal with emotions such as sadness, loneliness, and fear.

It can be comforting to see that your superheroes sometimes struggle and may feel sad or hopeless. Finally, fantasy stories give hope. It is not a world in which perfectionism is sought. Mistakes are allowed to be made because this is the very thing that ultimately makes you a stronger person.