Tom Cruise Is Heading To Outer Space For An Action Film?

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Cruise is known for his action films by hanging off skyscrapers, flying fighter jets, and even jumping off planes. So, it probably should not come as any surprise that he has collaborated with Elon Musk and his Space X company for a new film which, by the way, will supposedly be shot in outer space.

It seems that Musk and Cruise will be working on a project with NASA that will be the first narrative action feature film to be shot in outer space. There are no studios involved at this time but time will tell! It’s in the infancy stage and, excuse the pun, is in the early stages of “liftoff’!

Tom Cruise Doing A Plane Stunt Mi: 5 | Paramount

This is not the first time Cruise has played around with the idea of making a film in outer space. Back in 2000 he came up with this concept and to work with director James Cameron who directed Terminator and Avatar. Also, in 2000, Cameron was contacted by Russia to go to the International Space Station and film a high-end 3D documentary. Cameron said Tom and James should book two seats on the Soyuz but whom the heck is going to train them as engineers? Cruise said that’s not a problem, he is willing to train as an engineer, We had some great ideas for the story but it’s still in the conceptual stage.

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As of date, James Cameron has made no commitments or involved in this film. He is presently working on 4 Avatar sequels but will not be traveling outside our atmosphere. That said, many action fans are very excited about Tom Cruise making a film that will actually take place in outer space.

Meanwhile, the next two Mission Impossible movies have been put on hold due to the coronavirus. They are expected to be released on November 19, 2021, and August 2, 2022.

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