Tom Hanks Writes His First Novel Inspired by His Own Journey

As one of the most celebrated actors of his generation, Tom Hanks is, for many, a generational treasure. However, one thing to note about Tom Hanks is that he isn’t just an actor; he does a lot more than simply play a part on a screen. He is also now a writer, and his first book, a novel called The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece, has drawn lots of commentaries. Why?

Photo: @tomhanksfansite/Instagram

The book itself is yet to be released but it is supposed to be based on insights and experiences from his own Hollywood journey. The novel is based on a comic book created by the protagonist's nephew. The comic book is based in the 1970s and is turned into a major superhero movie years down the line. It is interesting as it plays a role in trying to explain how things work when a film is being made.

The book is supposed to shine a light on the conflicts that can formulate between the likes of the production team, the crew, the directors, and everyone involved. It is a very interesting idea and one that has definitely caught the interest of many literary fans.

Photo: @tomhanksfansite/Instagram

For one, it is a chance to see what Hanks can do with a pen in his hand as opposed to simply using another script. However, this is not Hanks's first major writing project – it is his first novel, but a series of short stories released in 2017 under the name of Uncommon Type was met with some acclaim. Getting to understand a bit more about how movies are made and how the biggest entertainment products come to life is quite interesting – especially when it is told through the guise of a highly interesting novel based around a unique family dynamic.