Top 30 movie posters - Part 2

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Here we continue our journey through cinematography by prolonging our list of most impressive movie posters. The second part of the list brings us more of this fine piece of art, included in every movie.

Vertigo (1958)

This is the one of the most iconic artworks for Hitchcock movies, although some might see it as a predictable addition to a film student's apartment today. Besides it looking so cool, this is actually the second Saul Bass poster, after Anatomy of a Murder, which only proves his greatness in this area of art. Bass somehow managed to transform the simple movie advertisement into an artwork that has been remembered ever since.

Straw Dogs (1971)

Although this poster doesn't contain elements that would be considered as fancy, like intricate border, bright colours or jazzy fonts, it is classic. This simple photograph with a white border, showing the close-up of Dustin Hoffman with smashed spectacles was surely enough to demonstrate the spirit of this controversial story about violence.

Rock 'N' Roll High School (1979)

This one looks like a typical copy of American Graffiti poster made six years before this one, but it's not that simple to give a final conclusion about this poster. This movie is known for the so called kids-versus-adults plot in an atmosphere of Ramones’ Blitzkrieg Pop and its poster presents the anarchic lifestyle of some punk-rock teen movie that appreciates the band massively.

The Fan (1981)

One of those that didn't grab that amount of attention like other movies in the list, talking about the stalker obsessed with a movie star played by Lauren Bacall, has the poster that can freely be considered as a design genius display. Having a generic subgenre in relative manner, this sharp and brutal image might be seen even as the best piece of the entire film. Although it's not a blockbuster that everybody has seen, it is pretty obvious what's the ambience by looking at its poster.

Moon (2009)

This immersive sci-fi film made by Duncan Jones has a poster that was magnificently and yet simply advertising the movie. Rockwell's tragic astronaut who's trapped in this mysterious future space ship shape is just a perfect description for the movie. This is a mix of the retro titles and a contemporary poster that goes along very well.

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