Vaseline: Surprising Uses for this Wonder Jelly

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Vaseline has become a household name, which is no big surprise considering the petroleum jelly has been around since 1872! What many people don’t know is that, despite all the new health and beauty products that have hit the market in recent years, this old-school item still often does a better job than the products that come in fancy packaging. Indeed, this humble item accomplishes a great deal more than you most likely think. 
Many people still use it to soften dry elbows and soothe cracked heels and broken skin. However, Vaseline has some surprising additional uses most people don’t know about. If you're fortunate to have a tub lurking in your cupboard, this list is just what you need to help it reach its potential! We’ve included everything you can use this miracle balm for. From eyebrow grooming to shoe maintenance, these tips are about to make life a whole lot simpler for you.