Violinist Plays While Having Brain Surgery

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When Dagmar Turner, 53, went under the knife at King's College Hospital in London her surgeon had her play her violin while he was removing her brain tumor.


Dr Keyoumars Ashkan said that this was the best way to make sure that taking out the tumor did not affect her ability to play music.

He confirmed that they often ask patients to perform tasks but that this usually relates to their language ability. It is certainly the first time he has ever had someone play a violin concerto while he works.

Playing for Her Life

The tumor in Turner’s brain was seen during routine scans and when they were preparing for the surgery Ashkan could see that it was located extremely close to the parts of her brain that controlled the movement of her left hand.

During the surgery, approximately 90% of Turner's tumor was removed and her ability to play remains intact.

After 3 days she was able to go home to recover and she is hopeful that she will soon be back playing her violin as part of the Isle of Wight Symphony Orchestra.

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