Wait, What?! A Shrek & Puss-in-Boots Reboot? Already!?

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Apparently, the world has run out of ideas. You see, whilst Shrek was fantastic at the time, it wasn’t anything tremendously new. It followed the same kind of premise and story as so many that came before it. The quality of animation and the way it’s delivered is tremendous, though – that’s not to say anything bad against Shrek. As a series, it’s quality. However, apparently, we’ve got to the stage where even Shrek is getting a reboot.

I used to laugh at elder family members bemoaning childhood classics of their own life being remade for a new generation. I didn’t think I’d see a childhood classic of my own, Shrek, turned into a reboot before my 30s. This is apparently close to happening, though. Apparently, Chris Meledandri, the mastermind behind Despicable Me among others, is being put in charge of the reboot by Universal, according to Variety.

Apparently, ogres aren’t really relevant in 2018 – so, expect some change in gender/orientation or a total swap-around of the roles. Let’s face it, reboots are often absolute drivel, and it’s not likely that this will go any better. The need to change things in a bid to keep it fresh (and to fit in with the more sanitized world it will arrive in) often leads to reboots being technically superior, bt far less pure and enjoyable than the first set.

Even more ridiculously, side-kick Puss in Boots is getting the same reboot. Even stranger is that apparently the idea is to get Eddie Murphy, Michael Myers and Antonio Banderas back together to do it all over again. I can’t really wrap my head around the concept of a reboot that uses all the same old cast but, uh, cool?

A rather fitting concept

As 2018 appears to be a year where people just don’t have a clue what they are doing, the quote from Meladandri that the “challenge for us has been to find something that really does feel like it’s not simply yet another film in a series of sequels,” hardly inspires confidence that this is a well though tout concept.'

This might be an absolute car crash, and it’s best we prepare for that. Without any real idea how to make it better or different from the original, I fear we might get a butchered version of the originals, devoid of the original patter and enjoyment while replaced with more sponsorship and dreadful puns.

Reboots. Eugh.

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