Want to See Our World without Water? Now You Can

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With the climate emergency becoming more and more of an emergency by the day, it’s easy to see where the fear comes from. 


With so little being done to try and change the course of where things are going, though, people are becoming more and more ambitious with how they put their point across. NASA, in particular, are good at showing us what could be the future if we don’t act.

One of their most recent releases was to show us what the world would look like without water. The video was played to show people what it would be like if we didn’t have any water left on the planet. 

It’s a terrifying image and one that shows us what the world would be like if we couldn’t sustain water. Well, for one, none of us would be here – but that’s beside the point.

You will see that many of the amazing underwater landscapes which are submerged today are now fully visible. Not only are these absolutely amazing to look at, but they are terrifying to imagine that this could be the case in a worst-case environmental disaster scenario.

It is, though, interesting to see just how unique the seafloor is in many parts of the world. You can see just how unique the land below the water is, showing you what it looks like today in the most outstanding and stark terms.

If this does not make you want to do a bit more to help the planet, though, we aren’t sure what is.

OK, so the idea of there being *no* water is a stretch too far even for most apocalyptic predictions. However, it would be fair to say that without water much – or all – life on this planet would cease to be able to live.

While the water might cover up some glorious geology, it’s also the support network that gives us all the opportunity to, well, live! If that isn’t worth fighting to try and preserve, then we really are in trouble. As this video shows, the world without water is a beautiful yet empty place. 

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