Watch: Dave Grohl On All Instruments In New Song "Play"

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For many years Dave Grohl has led the Foo Fighters to thrill thousands of people in crowds and concerts all over the world. So it is news that he has released a spectacular video showing him performing an almost impossible feat playing seven musical instruments. The video which lasts for 23 minutes has gone viral with the fans of Foo Fighters flooding the comment section with accolades. The documentary which was directed by Grohl was shot in two parts; the aim was to show how much dedication he has put into making good music for the world.

The first part of the documentary shows Grohl behind the scenes talking about music and the efforts put into creating the sounds that the fans have come to like for many years. In the second part of the documentary, Grohl is seen playing seven instruments with so much expertise for 23 minutes. The show was recorded from different angles to enhance the experience, and the sound was particularly configured to promote the different unique sounds of the instruments that were played.


In the press release, it was noted that the project was more about showing the fans a peek into the background activities that create the music they love. It also attempts to express the passion of a musician and his attachment to musical instruments without which it will be impossible to create the amazing sounds they love. Grohl also speaks about the challenges they face behind the scenes and the efforts the band puts into making the music sound the way the audience expects every time.

Grohl’s spectacular performance features him playing an instrumental with the seven instruments on after the other. It was a revealing show that indicated all instruments could produce the sounds we want if only the user knows how they work. Grohl attributes his expertise with the instruments to the need for self-development which pushes musicians like him to put in more efforts in making good music.


To express his passion for music and playing the instruments, Grohl describes the instruments arranged on a stage like a playground where the instruments are the toys, and he is an excited child who cannot wait to start exploring the different sounds each instrument produces. While addressing the challenges, he encounters while making music Grohl compares the experience to a puzzle that you need to keep working on until it is solved.

The documentary titled “Play” has been released online to give the viewers an interactive opportunity to study Grohl’s performance using the seven instruments. It can also be downloaded for use by educational institutions where the documentary can be used to teach students learning about music.


Grohl did mention that the documentary was shot from different angles on purpose. It was done to increase the level of engagement the viewers can have while studying his expert use of the instruments. In our opinion, that was the best feature of the entire documentary.

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