Watch: This is Why Batman Was Pulled Over In Canada

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We would have thought the police first instinct would be to clear the highway so Batman can continue his chase to neutralize the bad people. Not happening this time, he was pulled over, and it made the headlines. This got us thinking, why will the police pull Batman over? Didn’t they know him or recognize the Batmobile? We got the answers to these questions in a few days.

So, there is a certain “superhero” named Stephen Lawrence, who dresses up like our favorite heroes on TV. He is well known for the real looking outfits and his specially designed mobiles that look like the cars we see in the movies. He is an impersonator, but for a good cause. Lawrence likes to dress up this way for charity. He visits children’s hospitals, schools, and camps for little children to give them an almost real experience with their favorite superheroes and the opportunity to take amazing photographs. On this day, Lawrence was returning from one of those trips when he was pulled over by the police.

Guess what! He wasn’t being accused of a crime; the police wanted to see their favorite superhero – Batman. Believe it; everyone has their perks. So they pulled Lawrence over to have a closer look and admire his outfit and the Batmobile. They also asked for pictures. What a relief! At least we know the children will not be disappointed to know the police tried to arrest Batman in Canada.

Lawrence who is called the “Brampton Batman” is always present at the local comic conventions held annually where fans have an opportunity to meet their Batman.

When asked about his experience moving around the city dressed up looking like Batman, Lawrence says it has been fun all the way. He meets all kinds of people who are thrilled at the opportunity to meet and take selfies with Batman. Speaking about this encounter, he said it was a friendly meeting, and they laughed and shook hands. At first, he was surprised to be pulled over, and when he jumped out of the Batmobile, to find out if he committed an offense, the officer only asked for a picture. Interestingly, Lawrence says he has been pulled over for driving safely before.

Regarding that encounter, the police constable who pulled him over said he noticed Batman was driving a car that could go very fast too slowly. He pulled the Batmobile over not to make an arrest but to commend the driver on his maintenance of a safe speed limit on the road.

Lawrence has been doing a great job posing as our real-life Batman. Hopefully, his encounter with the police on these two occasions we know will encourage him to continue with his wonderful job of keeping the children and fans happy.

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