What Do Famous Landmarks Look Like From Above?

If you are going on a trip around the world, there will naturally be some landmarks that you will want to go and see. Some landmarks, though, provide more variety than others. With that in mind, have you ever wondered what some of our most famous landmarks look like from above?

To help you get a rough idea of what you might see, here are some descriptions of global landmarks when seen from a birds-eye view.

The Statue of Liberty in New York

As one of the most famous landmarks in the world, the Statue of Liberty is a truly special building. When seen from above, though, it looks even more impressive. You get a clear view of the 11-pronged star which sits atop the statue itself. The fort itself that the Statue resides upon was created in the early 1810s to help protect the harbors of New York from invasion.

From above, this aerial view is really something that you will find hard to forget. It arguably looks even more impressive than a front-on view!

The Gherkin in London

Otherwise known as St. Mary Axe, this is the second-tallest building in London and thus stands out on the city skyline. It looks tremendous, but you will need to get pretty high up into the air to see this thing from the right angle. If you do, you notice it has a very specific shape. It sticks out from the ground level, creating an intriguing building that looks unique. As you move upward through the building, or when you look out from above, it looks almost like it bends upward. A truly mesmerizing structural feat.

The Opera House in Australia

The Sydney Opera House is a truly incredible building. It stands out a mile away, and it was designed to be iconic in its design. Fabled architect Jorn Utzon designed it. When above this building, though, it looks like another famous landmark: Kronborg Castle. Utzon grew up near the castle itself and has ensured that this gorgeous building matches up with the landmark from his childhood. This looks truly remarkable from above.

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