What is So Great About Worms?

Worms. They look vile, and to most of us, they just seem like something that we could do without. If we could, we would ignore worms wherever we see them. As unenjoyable as they are to look at, though, worms do tend to play a critical part in the way that nature works and develops. Worms have a key part to play in nature, but what makes them so important overall?

Keeping the cycle fresh

One thing that worms do is that they eat up and consume organic waste matter. Once they do this, they essentially bring it back out of their bodies and this works as a way to recycle said organic waste matter. That is very important as it means that worms play a massive role in keeping organic produce being used, again and again, giving the soil the health-boosting aids it needs to help the new crops grow properly.

Making use of nutrients

Another benefit of worms recycling so much is that they allow nutrients to be used again and again. worms love to eat and can eat more than their body weight in food in a single day. They eat just about any kind of organic matter going, and they then break this down and recycle it into the soil. This helps to keep our soil rich with nutrients, all without having to do anything on our own.

Keep the structure strong

Soil structure is essential to proper growth, and worms play a role in loosening, mixing, and oxygenating the soil of the land. Their natural digging and paths they create are the perfect form of natural irrigation, allowing for water to move from the surface down deep into the ground. Reports suggest that soil that has been worked on by earthworms can be as much as 90% more efficient than soil that has been ignored by worms.

Beneficial bacteria discoveries

When worms complete their journey, they leave what is known as castings and it tends to rise to the top of the soil. That casting is usually rich with key micronutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen. It is also a source of beneficial bacteria. When compared to just normal soil, these castings tend to bring several times the number of good bacteria, phosphorus, and nitrogen.

So, as you can see, worms are more than just some weird thing that kind of wriggles around on the ground. They are enterprising, intelligent, and essential to building a better quality of life for all. Without them, we would be in a much places – so yes, they might not look great, but they are very much worth putting up with!