Inspiring: Where Are These Great Actresses Today?

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These actresses were seen as the best stars around, great actresses and as very beautiful women. They have stunned us with their appearances back in the day, and today they have grown to be respectable and formidable women.

Susan Dey

Like many of these beautiful actresses, Susan Dey began her career as a model before transitioning into an acting career. Her first major role, where she starred as Laurie Partridge on The Partridge Family from 1970-194, is by far the most definitive role of her career.

While her focus was mainly on television, she did try her hands at film when she worked alongside Charlton Heston in the 1972 movie, Skyjacked. Before taking a step back away from show business, Dey won an award for her work on the show, L.A. Law.

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