Which Food Crops are Most Commonly Cultivated in The Americas?

If you are someone who finds agriculture intriguing, knowing where crops are most commonly found can be quite interesting. For that reason, The Americas can seem like a very unique continent indeed. Many crops which are grown here are not found anywhere else in the world, at least to the same quantity and/or standard.

Crops can be a wonderful way to enjoy the experience of agriculture. If you were to take a trip across The Americas, though, which crops are most likely to pop up as you make your trip?

Photo: Kai Pilger/Unsplash


You might have heard of cocoa, but cacao is essential for the creation of chocolates. It was domesticated in South America at least 1,500 years ago, if not longer. If you want to try a rich take on how cacao is used in The Americas, be sure to look out for the chocolate chili coffees that you can buy in many parts of the country – especially Mexico. Cacao is a unique product well worth trying out yourself.

Lima Beans

While beans can be found in plentiful quantities all across the world, lima beans in particular are an American dish. They are found all across America and were domesticated by the local populations long before even the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

These beans are a vital part of American cuisine and are used in so many different dishes. As a crop, it is one of the most beloved and important of locals.

Photo: Sara Maximoff/Unsplash


An interesting crop indeed, amaranth is a form of grain – though it looks more like grass up close – that comes in a rich and stunning pink color. It was a major part of Aztec and other ancient cultures. It has been domesticated for millennia and is one of the most important crops found in The Americas, used for various reasons. Stunning to look at, Amaranth has some very specific and varied uses making it a great crop to grow.


Chia seeds are a ‘superfood’ that many of us use in day-to-day life. Chia is used commonly within salads and has become a typical choice for western cuisine. However, it was a crop that the Aztecs were using for centuries, and it has been cultivated and used regularly since about 3500BC.

Each of these crops, then, holds reverence and takes in large quantities across The Americas. Which crops would you be most interested in seeing in person?